Hartford Hires Recruiting Firm To Fill Two Jobs

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The city has hired East Hartford-based recruiting firm Management Search Inc. to assist in the search for a new human resources director and deputy human resources director.

The firm will be paid $50,000 for 120 days of service, though city officials said the positions could be filled as early as October.

Former Human Resources Director Valda Washington, who had been in the position for about a year, resigned effective May 2.

Albert Ilg, a part-time city employee assisting in the administrative transition, called the HR positions “critical” to the city’s overall operation.

Management Search Inc. will be paid one-third of the overall amount up front, one-third when it produces candidates and one-third when the candidates are hired, Ilg said.

Several high-ranking city positions have not been filled, including that of the chief operating officer, chief of staff to Mayor Pedro Segarra, the fire chief and the head of Metro Hartford Information Services, the city’s information technology office.

Former Chief of Staff Jared Kupiec resigned in June amid criticism that he was using his post to receive special privileges. Eric Jackson, who headed Metro Hartford Information Services, resigned in 2011 amid allegations that he had sexually harassed at least one city employee. Fire Chief Edward Casares Jr. retired on June 15, and former Chief Operating Officer David Panagore left his city job in September 2012.

Ilg said city officials would soon issue a request for proposals for another search firm that will help recruit a new chief operating officer and possibly candidates for other positions. The city hopes to hire that firm by the beginning of September.

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